Stabbing with Great Bodily Injury Trial 2016 C1502686 NOT GUILTY VERDICT

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: November 21, 2017


Stabbing with Great Bodily Injury Jury Trial November 2016 NOT GUILTY VERDICT (C1501360) I represented a young man named Jesse. He was accused of slicing the cheek of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend in a fight that occurred at a bar in San Jose, California. Jesse was also initially charged with shooting a second person in the…

Gross Vehicular Manslaughter 2017

Gross Vehicular Manslaugher, Jury Trial April 2017 I represented a young client, who was attending Evergreen Valley College, located at the top of the hill on Yerba Buena Avenue in San Jose, California. He was on his way down Yerba Buena Avenue on the first day of school on January 26, 2015 when his car…

Murder Case Dismissed Proving Self Defense

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: He proved that his client acted in Self Defense

Steven Nakano was the first lawyer in Santa Clara County to use a Computer Generated Forensic Reconstruction of a shooting based upon the bullet paths from the autopsy report to successfully defend a client charged with MURDER. He proved that his client acted in Self Defense. Click to view the Forensic Animation Video Comments by Steve Nakano

22 Felony Fraud Counts Dismissed at Preliminary Examination

Practice Area: Fraud

Date: January 1, 2004

Steve Nakano employed a Forensic Accountant in successfully defending a couple charged with Elder Fraud. Not only were the criminal charges dismissed before trial, but Nakano successfully defended Patricia and Wendell in the Civil Court trial and won!

Polygraph (lie detector) Used to Dismiss Child Molest Case

Steve Nakano has employed the use of a Polygraph Expert in successfully convincing the District Attorney to dismiss two counts of child molest against a Spanish Speaking Client.  The client was facing 2 life sentences in this case and is now living a happy and productive life. Comments by Steve Nakano

Judge wipes out wrongful conviction for Foley

Date: April 5, 2007

Kenneth Wayne Foley’s long road to vindication and justice ended in court Thursday when a wrongful burglary conviction that had cost him more than 11 years in prison was erased with the help of prosecutors and steadfast defense attorneys. In a hearing that took less than a minute, Judge Ray Cunningham vacated the 1995 conviction as…

Wrongful Life Sentence Overturned

Date: April 5, 2007

The Defendant, Kenneth Foley, was wrongfully convicted of Armed Robbery in a 3 strikes case . He served 11 years and 10 months of a life sentence.  All of his appeals had been exhausted when Steve Nakano wrote the District Attorney’s Office to ask that the case be re-investigated. With assistance from the Northern California…

Gang-related Assault Dismissed at Preliminary Examination

Steve Nakano has successfully defended a client charged with Gang Related Assault by proving at Preliminary Examination that the Defendant was acting in Self Defense and that the alleged victims had actually assaulted his client.

Drug Case Dismissed by Proving Violation of Constitutional Rights

Date: December 19, 2008

Outcome: Dismissed

Steve Nakano is perhaps best known for defending clients on Drug Possession and Drug Sales Cases. He recently got the District Attorney to dismiss charges against a client where police illegally detained and searched a client’s home without a search warrant. He was able to prove that the police were lying about the length of the detention and the illegal search by obtaining…

Burglary/Theft Charges Dismissed at Preliminary Examination

In a case in which my client was charged with having stolen a prototype instrument made by Kwiklok Corporation, I called the actual thief as a witness to a preliminary examination hearing under the pretense that I needed him to testify as a friend of my client and because he had the cleaning contract with Kwiklok and had…